Retailer FAQs


How can I place my order?

Send us an email at or call 613-633-3461 with your desired quantity of each of our beautiful puzzles. We will then send you an invoice and deliver within the week!

What makes your puzzles special?

Everyone knows how talented Ontario artists are! Our puzzles are very high quality, designed in Canada, and feature some of the most spectacular artists in all of the Algonquin Region! Our puzzles provide a challenge, but they also make a wonderful piece of artwork your customers will admire once complete. 

How many puzzles do you carry?

Currently we have six different puzzles, 3 in the 1000 piece category, and 3 in the 500 piece category. They are all different pieces of artwork.

How will I recieve my puzzles?

If you are located within roughly 100km from our warehouse in Barry's Bay, Ontario, we will likely bring you the puzzles in person! If you are located across the province (or on the other side of Canada), we will ship the puzzles to you!

How long will it take to recieve my puzzles?

Once you place your order, we work hard to process it immediately! We value your time, so you can expect your puzzles within just a couple of days. We will always update you with the process!